Welcome to Excalibur Insurance Services

Welcome to Excalibur National Insurance Company

It goes without saying…June 1st is the beginning of Hurricane Season.  Hurricanes have shown their devastating power and the costly damage they can deliver.  This is why Excalibur National Insurance Company has taken additional precautions for hurricane preparedness.   In case of severe weather, tropical storms or hurricanes please be assured that Excalibur National is here to help and assist our agency partners and customers in managing their loss and rebuilding their lives and homes.

Please Don’t Get Caught Off Guard…

Proper Preparation Can Help Reduce Damage And Potential Loss Of Life And Property Dramatically!

Please know the Difference between Hurricane Watch vs Hurricane Warning:

  • A Hurricane Watch indicates the possibility of hurricane conditions within 36 hours. This watch should trigger your facilities and customers Emergency Action Plan and initiate protective measures.
  • A Hurricane Warning indicates that sustained winds of at least 74 mph are expected in 24 hours or less. By the time a warning is issued, your protective actions should be nearly complete and personnel moved to a safe location

We Are Louisiana People…Serving Louisiana People!

Excalibur National is here – 24 hours a day -7 days a week – 365 days a Year – Please contact us when needed:

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We appreciate the Partnership and your Trust in Excalibur National!


The Excalibur National Management Team